Welcome to the course management site for http://plucredits.com/.  The course offered on this site has previously been approved by the Georgia Department of Education, The University of Georgia, MRESA, GA TAPP and over 60 Georgia school systems for PLU credit.

The Fall Semester course has already begun

The next course will begin in January 2016

Big changes are coming for 2016. Only educators who are currently employed in a Georgia Public School System will be allowed to take this course for PLU credit. Check back later to learn more about the PSC's changes. There will still be no required textbooks or other materials to purchase. All resources will be provided or are available free online. Those who demonstrate mastery by completing this 50 hour (5 PLU) course will also satisfy the Georgia Special Requirement to have a course in the Identification and Education of Exceptional Children as described by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission(PSC).

Here is an idea of how this online course works. You will be directed to download specific Georgia resource materials like the Special Education Implementation Manuals available at the Georgie Department of Education website. You will also be referring to the websites of the major organizations for each disability we cover.  

Assignments are posted each Saturday morning. Resources for you to read or videos to view will be listed in each week's section, along with activities or assignments to complete. Participants may do their work anytime that is convenient for them. Each week's assignments are due by midnight on Sunday one week later. We cover up-to-date information on special education law and the identification and education of children who have special educational needs. The work is equivalent to that required in a 3-semester hour college course.

There is no partial credit, and there are no refunds after the first week of the course.  Because this is a professional learning course, some assignments will be evaluated "meets standard" or "incomplete"  Others will receive a number grade on the 100 point scale so you will know exactly how you are doing. You will always have the opportunity to resubmit assignments that do not meet standards the first time until one week after the course officially ends.

For more information about Exceptional Children click on the following weblink:


If you have questions or concerns you may email me at drsuethrasher@gmail.com

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The Fall Semester course, September 12 - November 8, 2015, has begun. Completion of this 5 PLU course satisfies the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirement for a course in the identification and education of children with special education needs. PSC RULE:  Any person certified in a teaching field, the leadership field of Educational Leadership, the service fields of Media Specialist and School Counseling, or holders of permit certificates shall complete course work approved by the GaPSC  (three [3] semester hours of college credit or five [5] Georgia professional learning units) in the identification and education of children who have special educational needs. (Page 2, 505-2-.24 SPECIAL GEORGIA REQUIREMENTS, Effective April 15, 2015. Authority O.C.G.A. 20-2-200) This was formerly known as the Georgia House Bill 671 course.