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Summer Session is FULL

The next available session will be offered in September

The total cost of a 5 PLU course is $300. There are no required textbooks or other materials to purchase. All resources will be provided or are available free online. Those who demonstrate mastery by completing this 50 hour (5 PLU) course will also satisfy the State of Georgia HB671 certification requirement to have a course in the Identification and Education of Exceptional Children as described by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission(PSC). 

The summer session is now full. There are no unreserved seats left. If you really Need this course, email me, and I will check to see if anyone who reserved a seat and decided not to complete their registration.

For more information about Exceptional Children click on the following weblink:


If you have questions or concerns you may email me at drsuethrasher@gmail.com

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This course is FULL. May 23-June 28. This is an accelerated, 5-week summer course that meets the PSC requirement for a course in the identification and education of children with special education needs for all Teaching fields, Educational Leadership, Media Specialist, and School Counseling as mandated by Georgia House Bill 671. (5 PLU credits)